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  Juanita is an experiened technical writer with over 12 years experience in writing.  She has written manuals for different companies and processes, including Request for Proposals, safety manuals, and training manuals.  She has worked as a Technical Writer, Telecommunications Engineer, Project Manager, and Trainer, and taught in public schools as a substitute teacher.

 Juanita is a dedicated hard worker, team player, fast learner, and skilled communicator.  She excells at giving presentations in person or onlineShe is excellent at researching and writing documentation as needed, and can manage a budget and order supplies.

  Juanita has designed several websites for different companies over the years.  She works closely with her customers to design a site that they are happy with.

  Juanita is creative and loves arts and crafts so it is no surprise that she excels in design.  UX Design comes naturally and she excells in this field.

  Juanita's hobbies include music, crafts, gardening, and spending time with her family.  She is active in her church.

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